iLight Solo

The Solo series offers a cost effective, standalone switching and DALI control solution enabling quick installation and requiring minimal configuration. Through a complete package of ‘plug-and-play’ components, iLight Solo supports fast, efficient deployment of standalone control.

Family Solo

Solo Sensors

Wiring Accessories

Connection Centre

  • Affordable ‘plug and play’ solution
  • Fast modular installation
  • Fully pluggable format reduces labour skill demands
  • Simple contractor setup, no commissioning or engineering attendance required
  • Comprehensive solution guide with templates for most common lighting control philosophies
  • DALI and Mains Switching - compatible with any luminaire manufacturer
  • Dedicated switch inputs for local override control
  • Single supply source of control equipment and wiring infrastructure – eliminating complexity
  • IR handset enables quick, efficient and repeatable setup
  • Fully accommodates emergency luminaire connection and testing
  • Contributes towards, and imporves, building sustainability and code compliance

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