Enterprise Suite is a set of software packages for the control and operation of iLight and iLumin lighting control systems.

There are three packages available with different levels of control capability to cater for even the most complex lighting control systems.

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Enterprise Operate

Enterprise Operate is designed to give powerful user control through a simple intuitive customised graphical interface. Actions may be manually controlled or scheduled for specific day/dates and times using the powerful astronomical timeclock scheduler.

Enterprise Floorplan

Enterprise Floorplan adds the ability to import building and campus wide floor plans for additional control and feedback on system health.

Enterprise Suite

Enterprise Suite Complete with Server includes energy usage displays and advanced graphs for greater insight into system energy consumption and space usage of the facility.

Enterprise Operate

The first level package is Enterprise Operate which consists of a fully configurable and customisable graphical user interface to simplify the operation of lighting in any installation. Screen pages can be custom designed to give powerful operator control of the lighting scenes in multiple areas and with the in built event scheduler, programming timeclock events provides a sophisticated level of automation.

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Enterprise Floorplan

The second level software package includes Floorplan control. Floorplans can be imported into the software after commissioning stage to display a visual overview of the lighting network fitting by fitting. Lights can be controlled via this view and the network can be monitored for potential lamp failures and network faults. Enterprise Floorplan also includes the PC Operate and PC Event Scheduler functions from the first level package.

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Enterprise Suite Complete

The complete Enterprise Suite adds energy consumption dials and advanced graphs to provide a comprehensive insight into the live operation of the lighting system. Graphical displays show calculated energy use in all areas while advanced graphs and reports show power usage and trending over time for analysis to help optimise energy usage. Enterprise suite is always delivered as a complete package loaded onto a suitably sized Windows Server.

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