iLight user interfaces are flexible, powerful and easy to use. The simplicity of one button push hides the intelligence and sophistication of the iLight control system behind it; no matter how complex the change.

A single button may instigate a series of timed events, colour changes or dynamic effects, or simply select pre-set levels and scenes to make great lighting design repeatable time after time.

Panels may be configured to match virtually any specification or finish. Touchscreens extend control capabilities with custom graphics and multiple pages to deliver against the most demanding customer requirement. All standard panels are supplied pre-loaded with a basic program for immediate use and to allow on-site testing prior to commissioning.

iLight control panels also integrate with AV, HVAC, shading and Building Management Systems for an elegant, seamless building wide control solution.

Control plates


Sencia is a range of highly refined control panels designed for good looks and flexibility. Buttons are backlit, with engraved text or graphic legends. They can be personalised with client text

control plates


Featuring a touch sensitive capacitive glass surface, Verre offers a range of control features specifically designed for flexibility in design and powerful control capability.

Verre 600x300px
Control Plates


Classic control plates are supplied with Series 3 screwless fixing face plates available in many different finishes and configurations and with integral blue LED indicators.

Classic 600x300px
Control Plates

Classic DALI

Classic DALI control plates are available in 4 button configurations. This version of the Classic control plate has been designed to connect directly on the DALI line.

Classic Dali 600x300px
Control Plates


Ineo control plates are a versatile range of specification grade control panels that set new standards in intuitive layout and operation.

Cld 600x300px
Control Plates


Ineo DALI control plates are available in 5 configurations which include the use of a large on/off button control with associated up/down adjustments and a choice of large and small buttons.

Cld 600x300px
10" capacitive LCD touchscreen


The TSE100 touchscreen is a flexible device which provides an intuitive “user friendly” method of interfacing to the iLight control system providing virtually limitless flexibility of system configuration and control. 

Tse100 600x320px
4" capacitive LCD touchscreen


The TSE40 touchscreen is a flexible device which provides an intuitive “user friendly” method of interfacing to the iLight control system providing virtually limitless flexibility of system configuration and control.

Tse40 600x320px
4" TFT LCD touchscreen


The TSG40 colour touchscreen delivers complete room control. Intuitive touchscreen pages allow the user to set room lighting scenes, heating, cooling, blind and curtain settings.

Tsg40 600x300 1px

Enterprise Operate

Designed to give powerful user control through a simple intuitive customised graphical interface.

Pc Operate 600x365px Cls Ui