Building managers, operators and end users can control one or more sites, monitoring multiple buildings, floors and individual areas as well as the hardware components of the system at varying levels of granularity.

Users are empowered to make changes simply and efficiently, proactively managing the built environment for the benefit of the occupants.

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  • Dedicated software application for end users or system maintainers
  • Simple and intuitive navigation of sites, buildings, floors and individual areas with graphical floorplan
  • Real time indication of area occupancy and lighting status
  • Granular luminaire data, DALI status and fault feedback
  • Instantaneous overide control of areas and channels via interactive floorplan
  • Connects to iLight network via EG2S, TSI-1 or SW3 Kit
  • Minimum PC hardware specification: i5 quad core PC, Industrial Spec preferred for 24/7 operation, with 16GB ram, 500GB HDD, Windows 10 Pro. PC must include 100/1000 Ethernet Port

Live System View

PlanView serves as a window into your iLight system, providing instantaneous access to a simple and clean visualisation of your building.

Areas highlight in real time indicating occupancy in the space as well as the ‘live status’ of the lighting.

The building hierarchy, floors, and areas are all named to enable intuitive navigation of the system. 

Programmed scenes and status for each areas are presented to the operator.

Granular luminaire data, faults and statuses can be viewed for all mapped areas.

Planview 1

System Fault Monitoring

PlanView enables the status of a system, building, floor or area to be viewed quickly and simply.

PlanView monitors the lighting control system. Gateways and system connections are continually monitored and their status reported.

Live notifications allow for proactive management of the system, should an iLight controller lose power or fail to respond.

Granular feedback is presented to the operator for every DALI device, sensor & luminaire – this allows targeted maintenance and reduces disruption to the building occupants.

Planview 2

User Operation & Override

PlanView allows the operator to select scenes and edit channel levels in each and every area.

Programmed scenes are displayed for all areas. The current scene is highlighted in real time to provide accurate feedback to the operator. 

Should the need arise, the operator can recall a scene overriding the lighting in the space.

An individual channel can be selected and driven to a desired level, allowing the further modification of the lighting level in the space.

Planview 3


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