10” LCD Colour Touchscreen

The TSE100 touchscreen provides a flexible and intuitive user experience. Enabling the user to control the whole built environment including lighting, shading and climate in multiple spaces.

Both simple and advanced screen designs can be supported. A number of highly configurable skins provide the basis for most projects, enabling client specifications and needs to be fully accommodated.

The look can be further personalised, allowing the commissioner to add client logos, background images, startup pages or other items as required reinforcing brand identity in retail, hospitality and commercial environments. 

TSE100 connects directly to the iLight network or via Ethernet using a TSI-1 touchscreen interface.

12NC: 912600000665

Tse100 300x400px

3 Services

Tse100 Dark 3 Services Meadow

Home page set with three available services in the space. Lighting, Shading and Climate control.

3 Lighting Areas

Tse100 Light 3 Areas Of Lighting

Home page set as three areas of lighting. Suitable for central control


  • 10 inch diagonal backlit capacitive LCD touchscreen
  • Supports multi-touch & gesture
  • 1280 X 800 pixel resolution
  • Connects directly to the iCANnetTM network
  • Also supports PoE Ethernet connection
  • No reliance on central gateway product for control of lighting/shading, lighting edit and native iLight HVAC control
  • TSEdesginer includes a comprehensive wizard, enabling quick and efficient creation of standard touchscreen configurations
  • Configuraitons can be further modified or customised to meet customer needs
  • 2 part construction to allow for 1st and 2nd fix
  • Pass code feature to allow different access levels
  • Fits standard UK 9/12 module 35mm deep back box

Lighting Edit

Tse100 Light Lighting Edit Concrete

Area Menu

Tse100 Light Areas Droplets



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