The PPAD-C-DALI-ADDR is a ceiling mounted, fully addressable DALI passive infrared PIR presence/absence detector designed to be part of the iLight Enterprise Series DALI network

Functioning as a presence detector, the unit returns occupancy data to the DALI network.

The photocell provides a lux level measurement value to the DALI network.

  • 12NC: 912600000424
Ppad C 230v


  • PIR Sensor: Detects movement within the unit’s detection range, allowing load control in response to changes in occupancy.
  • Light Level Sensor: Measures the overall light level in the detection area.
  • Status LEDs.
  • Connection to DALI network for power and communication.

Code Compliance

  • Improves BREEAM & LEED scoring for building sustainability
  • Contributes to energy reduction targets under Climate Change Levy (CCL) and Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).
  • Qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) applications.
  • Delivers lighting control requirements under UK Building Regs - L2a & L2b and BRE: 498.


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