Designed and tested to meet the unique demands of mains dimmable LEDs, the SCMA0401 is the perfect solution for your energy saving lighting and control needs.

Scma0401 600x300px
  • Leading and trailing edge lamps
  • 4 channels of 1 Amp or 2 channels of 2 Amps
  • Flicker free
  • No minimum load
  • Smooth dimming
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • No dummy load required
  • DALI to phase dimming

Controlling LED Lamps – the challenges

Lighting Design

Compatibility challenges have never been so complex with such a vast spectrum of LED lamps available. Often it is difficult to ensure precisely what LED technology is being used from batch to batch as the Lighting industry continues its incredible pace of development.

The versatile SCMA0401 adaptive dimmer with patented technology, will significantly help with the demands of dimming such a vast array of lamps and characteristics.



The SCMAO401 delivers advanced dimming control for outstanding visual experiences. 

Optimal low level dimming performance for Hotels Rooms, Receptions, Restaurants, Casinos, Cinemas, Cafes & Bars, Public spaces, Circulation spaces and much more.


The SCMA0401 enables contemporary architectural pendant lighting to be controlled in harmony with established DALI commercial luminaires.

Ideal for Meeting Rooms, Board Rooms, Training Rooms, Breakout Spaces and Atriums.


Flexibility and simplicity are key considerations when selecting a lighting control system. With such a wide range of LED lamps and luminaires to choose from, our patented iLight Adapt™ technology automatically adapts to the lamp characteristics, with a scalable dimming curve per channel for accurate control.

Applications include, Private Apartments, Serviced Apartments, Private Residences and Smart Homes.

SCMA0401- layout & features

Scma0401 Layout 600x450px

Channel Options and Ratings

  • 4 x 1 Amp or 2 x 2 Amp mains dimming
  • Single phase, channels are phase independent
  • Channel pairing to double channel rating
  • Short circuit protection

Network Control Options

  • iLight CAN network
  • DALI IN (4 addresses)


  • Configurable alarm input​
  • Volt free contact

Test Buttons

  • Individual channel control
  • On/off, dim up/dim down

Adaptive Dimmer

  • iLight Adapt™ Trailing Edge Dimming
  • Leading Edge Dimming
  • Switching
  • Set channel modes individually


  • Capacitive & resistive (NOT inductive)
  • No minimum load
  • No de-rate for LED
  • Ultra quiet dimming

Scaleable dimming curve

  • Optimising usable dimming range
  • Low end fine control

What problems are we addressing?

End User, Consultant & Contractor Challenges

I need to dim my LED lamps to a very low accurate level
Levels can be set accurately subject to lamp characteristics
Dimmers can make an annoying buzzing noise
SCMA0401 operates exceptionally quietly
My carbon footprint is extremely important to me
Load resistors are not required, as there is no minimum load
I want to utilize the full range of light from my lamps
Scalable dimming curves per channel for accurate control
Leading edge dimmers have a minimum load

SCMAO401 has no minimum load

Are my lamps leading or trailing edge?

SCMAO401 controls both lamp types for maximum compatibility

How do I calculate how many lamps I can have on a circuit?

There is no need to de-rate. Spikes can be minimised

I have a chandelier with many lamps to control

Pair the channels together to get a 2A capability

Will this batch of lamps perform the same?

iLight Adapt™ patented technology for the best compatibility

I don’t have much space to mount the dimmers

SCMAO401 is a compact 9 module DIN rail device

I want to utilize my existing cabling
All you require is 2 core mains wiring
I want to check the installation before an engineer attends site

Interactive test buttons allow individual circuits to be tested


  • Use wherever mains dimming of LED lamps is required
  • Unique iLight Adapt™ patented technology maximises performance and compatibility
  • End User, Consultant, Contractor benefits help ensure a successful project
  • Extend your system solution with iLight’s comprehensive portfolio of products

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