New Verre Series

Monday 4th July, 2022

Verre Series

Verre Series

The iLight team are pleased to introduce the all-new Verre Series of control plates.

Featuring a touch sensitive capacitive surface, Verre offers a range of control features and functions specifically designed for flexibility in design and powerful control capability.

With a polished bevelled edge Verre is made from exceptionally high quality glass. The pure uninterrupted surface exemplifies minimalist design, and with a high gloss finish, Verre compliments any interior design by reflecting its surroundings.

Each button features ‘back illumination’ employing an RGB LED. Colour profiles allow for ‘on/highlight’ and ‘off’ colours to be set from a colour palette. Audio feedback can also be set if required. The intensity of the backlight can be automatically adjusted, allowing different settings for daytime, night-time or based on occupancy. A ‘built in’ proximity sensor can illuminate the plate guiding an approaching user prior to touch.

Verre is available in a minimal form with six circular buttons for user specific control. Verre Minimal is complemented with six pre-configured options featuring iconography, these include:

·       Two-zone lighting plate

·       Lighting and shading plates

·       Dedicated climate control plate

·       Specific guest room configurations

The use of intuitive icons makes Verre entirely language agnostic. Iconography can also be selected from iLight’s comprehensive library to meet clients exact requirements.

Reach out to the iLight team or local Signify representative for further information on this stunning addition to the portfolio.

View the Verre Product page here