The UIS enables 3 separate sensor groups with 6 sensors in total to be connected to iLight’s iCANnet™ lighting control network. (Max cable length for each group 30m). Each sensor can be either a single occupancy detector or daylight sensor or a combined PIR, Photocell with built in infra-red control.

Each UIS installed adds three independent daylight linking engines to the network making this unit ideal for maximising daylight harvesting across all areas.

This small compact device can be deployed anywhere on the iCANnet™ network and uses RJ12 sockets and cables for rapid sensor installation.

  • 12NC: 912600000536
Uis 600px


  • 3 x connections for sensors to iCANnetTM network
  • RJ12 type sockets for rapid sensor connection
  • 3 independant daylight linking engines
  • Presence or absence detection support
  • Infra-red support for HH17IR remote controller
  • Supports Infra-red identification
  • 16 Sequences, each with a maximum of 128 actions
  • Configuration stored in Non Volatile EEPROM
  • Firmware storage in reflashable FLASH memory over iCAN network
  • Status LEDs
  • CE compliant to all relevant standards
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards


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