Enhance energy saving by incorporating dimming, time schedules, daylight sensors and occupancy detectors. A choice of cabinet and DINrail power control solutions maintain maximum design and implementation flexibility.

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Shopping Centres

Adjust lighting schedules according to daily, weekly and seasonal daylight using astronomical time clocks. Centralise system control whilst load management power switching is widely distributed across the site.

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Airports & Stations

iLight supports large networks of switching and dimming control using fluorescent, discharge and mixed lighting sources with industry standard protocols including 1-10V, DSI, DALI, DMX, RS232, RS485 & Ethernet. Monitor and view network performance using iCANview.

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Schools & Colleges

Effortlessly select pre-programmed scenes in class rooms. Integrate with audio visual equipment including screens, blinds and curtains. Control lighting on demand and with occupancy detection and daylight thresholds for maximising energy savings.

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iLight can provide bedside and central ward lighting control as well as delivering efficient wiring schemes that will Integrate with BMS and alarm systems for emergency light settings.

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