3 Stage Relay Control for HVAC systems

The FR-3 is used to convert an analogue 0-10V control signal to 3 stages of relay switching output. FR-3 offers two selectable control options:-

Option 1: Heat/Cool used to sequence control 3 functions such as FAN/COOL/HEAT

Option 2: Step control used to operate 3 stages of plant such as Boilers, Chillers, Electric Heating and particularly used for switching 3 speed fans.

  • 12NC: 912600000370
Fr 3 600x300px


  • Power Supply: 24V AC/DC +/-10%
  • Input (Signal): 0-10V DC (load 0.5mA max)
  • Output Contacts: 3 x Volt free 5A at 240V AC (inductive)
  • Power Consumption: 90mA max
  • Selectable Options: - Heat/Cool or Off/Man/Auto
  • Compatible With: HVAC-1 controller


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