Enterprise Software Suite

Enterprise Suite is the front-end PC application for monitoring and controlling iLight systems. Contact your local iLight representative for infomation on applying the software suite to your project.


Features include:


Usage Logging (Energy Dials)

The usage logging functions allow monitoring of the power usage of the lighting system. The overall usage of the entire system can be viewed, as well as details of sub-sections of the facility.


Floor Plan monitoring / control

This view allows navigation and monitoring of the facility via a birds eye floor plan view. Local scene control can also be achieved by a virtual control panel.


Advanced Graphs

The Advanced Graphs page allows more detailed and advanced searches into historical usage information than is available on the ‘Usage Logging’ page.



The scheduler page allows the viewing and editing of timed events on the network.



PC Operate

iLight PC Operate is a fully configurable and customizable graphical user interface for any iLight lighting control system.

Operated using any size PC touchscreen or integrated tablet, PC Operate is an ideal way to simplify the operation of lighting in any installation.

The PC Control Solution allows iLight graphic control using any size screen - Ideal for applications where control is effected through simple visual interfaces.