iLight manufactures a range of integration tools to assist with the construction and configuration of the iCAN network and for interfacing with external system components. Click here to download iCANnet System Integration Flyer.













Ethernet Gateway

The Ethernet Gateway provides a connection between iCANnet and an Ethernet LAN for configuring the iLight system with a LAN network PC or via the internet. Where a wireless LAN is in place (or by connecting a wireless router to the Ethernet Gateway) the user can access the network with a Wi-Fi enabled PC running iLight software.

The Ethernet Gateway is available in two versions:
EG2-NA - Ethernet Gateway including power supply and steel enclosure.
EG2 - Ethernet Gateway in DINrail enclosure. Power Supply and metal DINRail enclosure available to order separately.

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  • Configurable IP address.
  • Supports iLight applications via mobile devices. (iPhone®/ iPod touch®/ iPad®)
  • Supports ASCII control strings.
  • 16 Sequences, each with a maximum of 128 actions.

EG2 & EG2-NA Datasheet

EG2 Installation Guide

EG2-NA Installation Guide

EG2 & EG2-NA Revit File (BIM)

EG2 Video




TSE Touchscreen Interface

The TSI-1 Touchscreen Interface enables the use of multiple TSE55 and TSE80 colour touchscreens and ensures synchronization of screen configurations across an entire building installation. It also facilitates connection to iLight’s TSEtouch app enabling personalised control from your compatible hand held smart device.

Additionally a built in scheduler allows for timed events to suit your building needs and BACnet capabilities for the integration of building services such as HVAC, further enhancing the capabilities of this powerful interface unit.

  • Connects iLight’s TSE55 and TSE80 touchscreens to the iLight network
  • Connects multiple TSE screens and mobile devices running the TSEtouch app



TSI-1 Datasheet

TSI Installation Guide

TSEtouch Brochure



iCANnet to iCANnet Bridge

iLight network segment to iLight network segment bridge device

  • Repeater where cable lengths exceed 500m
  • 16 sequences each with a maximum of 128 actions
  • Programmable sequence capability
  • Message filtering and isolation for large networks
  • Dimensions: 124 x 49 x 23mm


BN-2 Datasheet

BN-2 Installation Guide

BN-2 Revit File (BIM)




Panel iCANnet Interface

CR1-RJ is designed to simplify the connection of large panel enclosures to the iLight network. It enables a panel enclosure to sit on the network, but be internally terminated.

  • Includes iCANnet programming point (RJ12)
  • Dimensions: 53.5 x 90 x 58mm



CR1-RJ Datasheet

CR1-RJ Installation Guide



System Integrator Node

The bi-directional System Integrator Node allows control of a wide range of third party equipment through the iLight user interfaces including audio systems, TVs, projectors, blinds, curtains, heating and HVAC systems, security & fire alarms, surveillance and CCTV.

The SI-2 converts iLight protocol into third party device compatible RS232 protocol enabling a sequence of commands to start from the touch of a button. For example in a home cinema - lights dim, blinds close, audio system turns on, screen opens, projector turns on and the DVD starts.

  • Configurable RS232 COMMS via 9 pin female D type (Send/Recieve)
  • Adjustable baud rates of 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
  • 1 x iCAN Bus data connection via screw terminals
  • Status LEDs
  • 20 programmable serial commands - triggered from the iLight network
  • 16 sequences each with a maximum of 128 actions
  • Dimensions: 124 x 49 x 23mm


SI-2 Datasheet

SI-2 Installation Guide

SI-2 Revit File (BIM)



Relay Interface

The Relay Interface provides a versatile interface between the iLight network and other control systems. The unit is fully configurable and may be programmed to perform switching functions for curtain or blind control, AV and presentation equipment or drive contactors for heavier power applications.

  • 8 relay outputs
  • 8 inputs - programmable as analogue or digital used for volt free switches or motion detectors
  • 16 sequences each with a maximum of 128 actions
  • Audio Visual RS485 port, 2 alarm inputs
  • Dimensions: 240 x 220 x 90mm
  • 3 Kg


RI-2 Datasheet

RI-2 Installation Guide

RI-2 Revit File (BIM)



DMX Controller

The SCD24 is a 24 channel DMX controller. It is designed to provide scene set dimming for any DMX512 controlled load via the iLight network.

  • DMX controller
  • 24 channels
  • 128 scene memory
  • iLight network inputs
  • Dimensions: 240 x 220 x 90mm
  • 3 Kg

SCD24 Datasheet

SCD24 Installation Guide

SCD24 Revit File (BIM)



DMX Controller

The SCD96 is a 96 channel DMX source controller. It is designed to provide scene set dimming output for any DMX512 controlled load. The unit incorporates 8 general purpose 3A relay devices which overlay channels 1-8 and 8 digital outputs which overlay channels 9-16.

  • DMX controller
  • 96 channels
  • 8 x 3A general rating change over relays
  • 128 scene memory
  • iLight network inputs
  • Dimensions: 240 x 220 x 90mm
  • 3 Kg


SCD96 Datasheet

SCD96 Installation Guide

SCD96 Revit File (BIM)



Universal Interface

The UIG allows other items such as partition switches or PE cells to provide inputs to the iLight network. When configured for a room join, moving the partition will open or close a magnetic proximity switch contact (not included) and automatically re-program the function of the control panels within the room.

  • 4 x 0-10V analogue inputs for volt free switches or motion detectors
  • 4 volt free contact closure inputs
  • 4 switch outputs for LED indication
  • 16 sequences each with a maximum of 128 actions
  • Fits standard UK style double gang 47mm deep back box


UIG-2 Datasheet

UIG-2 Installation Guide

UIG-2 Revit File (BIM)




The UIS enables 3 separate sensor groups with 6 sensors in total to be connected to the iLight lighting control network.
(Max cable length for each group 30m). Each sensor can be either a single occupancy detector or daylight sensor or a combined PIR, Photocell with built in infra-red control.

  • 3 x connections for sensors to iCAN network.
  • RJ12 type sockets for rapid sensor connection.
  • 3 independant daylight linking engines.
  • Presence or absence detection support.



UIS Datasheet

UIS Installation Guide

UIS Revit File (BIM)


Mini UIG

The Mini UIG also allows other items to provide inputs to the iLight network and is often used with third party and custom faders and switches.

  • 6 inputs which each can be individually configured as
    0-10V analogue, digital or photoelectric cell inputs
  • 8 sequences with up to 30 steps per sequence
  • Only 45mm Ø so easily fits in European and UK junction and back boxes

UIM Datasheet

UIM Installation Guide

UIM Revit File (BIM)